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Mr. J. Hollis – Wincheap Canterbury

I was suffering with severe stress at work led me to having panic attacks and episodes of high anxiety. I wanted a specialist in CBT and my friend told me about Sian who practiced CBT and that it had successfully helped him get over his problem.  Sian fully explained from the beginning how CBT works and that my anxiety was caused by the way I think about work and not the actual work itself. Once I began to understand the concept the panic attacks soon disappeared and it has been a weight off my shoulders. I annoyed with myself that I didn’t go and see her sooner, I used to think that ‘this was just the way I am’ Although there I times of course when I still have to be aware of managing my thoughts I no longer feel such extreme anxiety and it does not control my life any longer. I am back in control of my own life. Sian proved to be a competent, caring and knowledgeable therapist who provided the flexibility I needed to fit the sessions with my full time job. I also know that I will not hesitate to go back to her if ever I need it again.

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Ian – Great Chart

I didn’t even know what cognitive behavioural therapy was when I went to see Sian but someone told me that it helps depression so I  was willing to try anything because I was tired of living with it day in day out. I’m not one for writing loads but all I can say is IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Paula – Singleton Ashford

I decided to try CBT because I was getting so anxious and panicky about travelling to new places and I wanted to learn different ways of dealing with situations rather than panicking; to make a difference to my self esteem and confidence; and to change my quality of life.

Sian helped me to talk through things and helped me think in a different way rather than what I thought was true. It feels like a big accomplishment not to keep having unhelpful thoughts and now I’m much less obsessive. I’m much more calm as a person about everything, as a result of recognising the power of what I choose to do with my thoughts and the way I behave.

The most important practical changes I’ve made are: being able to travel much further; being open to go to new places and relaxing. In the past I used to make excuses such as not going to social event because I thought I wasn’t good enough but now I can see that people like being with me, because I’m friendly and fun and have a nice personality and interested in others. There’s so much more to my life now.

I now feel able to step outside my comfort zone and feel the good feeling after! In the past I would never have been able to get on a bus without knowing exactly the route but now I can go anywhere!  I feel safer and happier within myself and more relaxed and in control, whereas before I felt trapped.

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Comfortable Room hotel of your dreams

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About Sian

Sian is a professional and qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with two practises in Kent. She will work with you to help overcome your issues in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

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