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Anger Management

Anger Management

It’s a natural human response to certain life experiences. People often claim to feel anger in response to believing they are being attacked, judged, insulted or frustrated. It becomes a problem when it’s triggered too easily and provokes an extreme response, harming you or the people around you.

Often, anger problems are due to poor management of our emotions. Anger, like all emotions, involves physiological and chemical changes in the body. Unresolved anger can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, depression and anxiety. When anger gets out of control, it can be destructive and significantly impact your quality of life. It can affect your career, your relationships and overall well-being

Anger can range from irritability through to rage. In general, any form of anger is caused by the belief that life is unfair and/or someone has violated our internal beliefs about how someone ‘should’ or ‘should not’ behave.

Although you can’t control the situations that might provoke anger in you. You can learn to manage your response towards them with the help of therapy. Counselling or CBT can help with all kinds of anger issues from mild irritation to explosive, violent rage.


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