A selection of the outstanding reviews Sian Jones CBT has received
  • CBT – my process of thinking about thinking!   “I attended CBT sessions with Sian at a time when I needed to rationalise the way in which I thought of and dealt with many aspects of my life. Whilst I knew that “traditional” counselling could be of use in identifying a possible moment in time, […]
    Richard – Ashford
    Hello my name is Brian, I don't know your name but if your reading this I do at least know a little about you. I needed help and you presumably feel that you do as well. It's very difficult to ask for help,especially from a total stranger. We all think we can deal with whatever life throws at us,unfortunately some of us find we can't I waited some considerable time before I plucked up the courage to ring Sian,don't you do that,grab the moment and ring,you won't regret it! My first appointment I nearly cancelled,I am so glad I didn't because I couldn't wait for the next one Sian is open,friendly,engaging,non judgemental and very good at what she does. After six visits I feel that with Sian's understanding and the tools she has given me to look at situations in life that we all experience I am more able to deal with them and move on. I can say in all honesty that I will miss our meetings! I do know who to ring if I feel in need of a confidential chat Sian, thank you for all your help!!! Brian--(kent)
    Brian – Kent
    Sian quickly demonstrated to me that my severe anxiety had been caused by my own thoughts that led to negative behaviour.   We quickly got to the root cause of the vicious circle of negative thoughts. An action plan to get out if this vicious circle was enormously successful. I had struggled with this anxiety/ depression for 3 years with medication and counselling with limited improvement. However, within a month of working with Sian I was out of the vicious circle and continue to go from strength to strength. Not only have I recovered, but I have learned so much about myself from Sian it is as though the depression was a gift from which I learned so much.
    Tony – Kent
    As you know Sian, a friend recommended you to me when I shared with her that I was having a lot of upset with a family issue. Taking up that friend’s recommendation was the scariest but best thing I have ever done for myself. I didn’t realize that the upset I was feeling, was caused by anxiety. I had heard of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, but had no idea what it entailed. Thank you Sian, for sticking with me during those early sessions in my therapy, when I was finding it so difficult to express myself properly and for making the helpful suggestion to record our sessions. That enabled me to really speed up my progress. You showed me such patience and empathy, and with your persistent encouragement you helped me to unravel my muddled brain and rebuild my inner core. In over 20 years of personal development, I’d not managed to achieve that! You have set me up with the tools to continue my journey of self improvement and as a woman in her 50s, I now FEEL LOVE for the first time in my life! It’s amazing! I hadn’t expected that to happen and from the bottom of my heart, I want to publicly thank you!
    Cathy – Romney Marsh, Kent
    Hi Sian, I hope you don’t mind me writing to you but I just wanted to thank you again for how much you have helped me!  In a very short space of time I was able to see things more clearly and be more rational about my problem.  You kindly helped me to identify a more healthy way of thinking about myself and taught me skills to deal with my fears. I wanted to tell you that in August I was able to accept an invitation from a friend, book flights and get on a plane. I used the tools we discussed to overcome my irrational fear of danger and I had an enjoyed a relaxing break with my friend in America! Thank you Sian, you have been so kind for helping me through it, I will never forget what you did for me.
    Susan (Mags) Allen
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Sian!! I honestly thought that my anxiety about people judging me was ‘just the way I was’ thank you for helping change the way I think, I feel like a completely different person with a whole new lease of life!
    Sally Myers – Kent
    I had been having psychotherapy for years before going to Sian Jones. I had been trying to get over being abused as a child but I seemed to be going round and round in circles and didn’t seem to be feeling any better, just keep regurgitating the past. Someone told me how good Sian was so I thought I had nothing to lose. It was so refreshing going to someone who actually helps you look forward rather than dwelling on the past. At no point did she belittle or minimise my experiences as a child, she listened and empathised and tried to understand how awful it was for me. But what she did differently compared to my other therapy was to explain that with all the will in the world we could do nothing to change what had happened, but we could work on changing how I think about it and work towards a brighter future which I could be in control of. I wish I had gone to see Sian years ago. I feel I have managed to get things in to perspective and can finally put things in to a box, close the lid and move on.
    My 6 sessions of CBT with Sian proved extremely useful. The strategies and techniques she provided began to make me feel calmer and more confident about the future. Sian is patient and asks challenging questions which made me look at things from new angles .This was time very well spent.
    Mrs J Theobald – Ashford
    My doctor diagnosed me with OCD and basically told me there would be a 9 month wait for therapy on the NHS. I was in quite an agitated state by this point and felt completely on my own so I decided to try and find some help privately.  Luckily I found Sian who quickly set up an appointment with me and talked through the basics. She spent a great deal of time explaining things and actually listened to the full story of my issues which helped immensely. My OCD took the form of a terrible fear of blood and the contact with blood. This had got to a point where I would no longer use door handles (even at home) or would be constantly on high alert looking for any signs of blood when I was out. Sian worked with me and guided me through so that I could function properly again and could go out, go to work and generally feel normal again. I was extremely reassured when it was Sian rather than me who decided to cut down our sessions. I found her very easy to talk to and she was excellent at exposing the root of my problems and helping me work through them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and am very grateful to her for all her help.
    Rik – Bexley Kent
    I just wanted to drop you a note to show my appreciation for getting me through my depression and what has been a very ‘dark time’ Thanks for pointing out that things aren’t always as bad as they appear to be. I have managed to get closer to the end of the tunnel and have started to think rationally again, so there are some shades of blue sky appearing on the horizon. I still have a way to go yet but I am improving and am so grateful for your patience and understanding.
    Errol – Folkestone, Kent
    I appreciated the flexible approach to therapy which was tailored to my needs. Sian was good at remembering what I had said in previous sessions. I found her questions intelligent and thought-provoking!
    C.J – Cranbrook, Kent
    I had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Sian because I was fed up having no confidence or self-esteem which was stopping me going out because I kept thinking people wouldn’t like me. Sian helped me recognise that I had developed negative thinking patterns about certain situations and it was not the situation itself that was bothering me.  During one session I had a light bulb moment when understood that it was my own thinking that had led to these horrible feelings! I never thought I’d say this but I looked forward to each session. I felt free to discuss issues I would never feel comfortable discussing with anyone else.  It was a wonderful feeling, knowing you have complete trust in someone you barely know. At times throughout the sessions where it might feel more difficult to discuss sensitive issues Sian gives you space to breathe. She respected my feelings, and she had a great knack to explore my world without it feeling invasive and enabled me to see a light at the end of the tunnel! I have found our meetings very useful and can happily say that my outlook has changed dramatically and positive changes have already started to bed in!
    Marie, Maidstone
    Thank you Sian! As you know I was so sceptical and when I first came to see you for CBT! In fact I thought it was you was the irrational one but now I can clearly see that it was me! Thanks for making me feel confident again – I’m off to my third works drink this week!!  Thanks again Sian. Jo x
    Jo –Tonbridge Wells
    My wife threatened to leave me because of my seemingly uncontrollable anger and I didn’t want to acknowledge that I had a problem so she booked me an appointment.  After only one session I felt completely confident and relaxed about opening up and dealing with the subject. Sian is an absolute professional and her warmth and understanding and the method of the discussion she used, made me relaxed and calm and able to open up and express myself. I would highly recommend Sian along with her sincere and genuine character; I had no concerns about trusting her help and advice.
    Anonymous – Kent
    I was suffering with severe stress at work led me to having panic attacks and episodes of high anxiety. I wanted a specialist in CBT and my friend told me about Sian who practiced CBT and that it had successfully helped him get over his problem.  Sian fully explained from the beginning how CBT works and that my anxiety was caused by the way I think about work and not the actual work itself. Once I began to understand the concept the panic attacks soon disappeared and it has been a weight off my shoulders. I annoyed with myself that I didn’t go and see her sooner, I used to think that ‘this was just the way I am’ Although there I times of course when I still have to be aware of managing my thoughts I no longer feel such extreme anxiety and it does not control my life any longer. I am back in control of my own life. Sian proved to be a competent, caring and knowledgeable therapist who provided the flexibility I needed to fit the sessions with my full time job. I also know that I will not hesitate to go back to her if ever I need it again.
    Mr. J. Hollis – Wincheap Canterbury

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